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The worldwide evolution of the book through the centuries

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Martyn Lyons charts the worldwide evolution of the book through the centuries, from the cuneiform tablets of ancient Sumer through the development of moveable type and the emergence of the modern information revolution.

Among the 266 illustrations are Mayan codices, Egyptian papyrus scrolls, medieval illuminated manuscripts, masterpieces of early printing from Gutenberg and Aldus Manutius, atlases from the great age of travel and exploration, primers and childrens books, dime novels and Japanese manga, and works of fiction ranging from Don Quixote to Level 26, the worlds first digi-novel, and beyond.

About the author

Martyn Lyons is a professor in the School of Humanities at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. His publications include 2italic(Readers and Society in Nineteenth-Century France: Workers, Women, Peasants) and The Writing Culture of Ordinary People in Europe, c. 1860-1920.


The perfect book for bibliophiles ... elegantly designed and produced. The Oldie

Admirably international in its ... scope and fascinating. The Scotsman

Martyn Lyons
Thames & Hudson
Publication date
August 2013
224 pages
195 x 190mm

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