Cat Confidential


The bestseller 9 out of 10 cats would recommend to their human You love your cat - and you hope your cat loves you too - but cats and their owners can often misunderstand each other.

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The cat says one thing and the owner hears another. Mostly, it feels right but, sometimes, something can go very wrong. How do you really know if your pampered pet wants a stroke behind the ears, or whether that insistent miaow is trying to communicate something more complex? If you've ever wondered why your cat does the things it does - soils in the house, picks a fight with the cat next door, feels nervous around strangers or destroys your furniture - then this is the book you have to read. Renowned cat counsellor Vicky Halls has changed the lives of thousands of owners and their problem cats. Filled with intriguing case studies, amazing facts and practical advice, Cat Confidential answers all your questions so that you can understand your feline friend better. Fascinating, funny and heart-warming, it's your chance to explore the unique bond between you and your cat. Catisfaction guaranteed.

Vicky Halls
Transworld Publishers Ltd
Publication date
November 2018
352 pages
204 x 135 x 33 mm

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