Curiouser & Curiouser Pocket Plain Moleskine


Moleskine Limited Edition for the British Library's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Product details

Tumble down the rabbit hole and into a paper wonderland. The Moleskine notebook gets curiouser and curiouser as it enters Lewis Carroll's literary classic, Alice in Wonderland. A page of his original handwritten manuscript is reproduced on the flyleaf. Original illustrations by John Tenniel feature throughout the notebook. The themed stickers in the back pocket recall the Playing Cards. Discover a whole new world on its pages.Themed hard cover, allowing for a comfortable writing experience even without a surfaceRounded cornersElastic closureMoleskine ivory-colored paperPaper weight: 70 gsmThemed inserts includedExpandable inner pocket matching the notebook colour“In case of loss” label printed on the flyleafRibbon bookmark matching the notebook colourReusable paperband printed with additional content on the back180° lie-flat opening

9cm x 14cm

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