Death in Captivity: A Second World War Mystery


A Second World War mystery with a twist, set in a prisoner of war camp in Northern Italy. Michael Gilbert is a new author for the Crime Classics series, much requested and highly regarded: one of three novels by Gilbert publishing in spring 2019.

Product details

‘Any book by Michael Gilbert is a treat’ – Daily Telegraph

A man is found dead in an escape tunnel in an Italian prisoner of war camp. Did he die in an accidental collapse – or was this murder? Captain Henry ‘Cuckoo’ Goyles, master tunneller and amateur detective, takes up the case.

This classic locked-room mystery with a closed circle of suspects is woven together with a thrilling story of escape from the camp, as the Second World War nears its endgame and the British prisoners prepare to flee into the Italian countryside.

About the author: Michael Gilbert (1912–2006), a founding member of the Crime Writers’ Association, wrote thrillers, police procedurals and espionage novels that rank among the highest and most varied achievements of British crime writing in the second half of the twentieth century.

Michael Gilbert
British Library Publishing
Publication date
February 2019
190 x 130 mm

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