Four-Sided Triangle


Part of the new Science Fiction classics series with 3 accompanying titles this year, and more in 2019, this is one of two novels by a respected British Sci-Fi author of the 1950s who has been unjustly neglected. Exquisite and iconic cover artwork by the celebrated ‘father of space art’, Chesley Bonestell.

Product details

‘The idea was too big for the mind to grasp in all its implications at the first attempt. But when you did get a grip on it, just to let the imagination rove with the possibilities…!’

A cutting-edge replication process has just been brought to fruition and successfully trialled. Science is on the verge of a revolution where any matter may be reproduced – Shakespeare’s signature, works of art, even…a human being?

When a brilliant scientist believes that this perfect replication process could present the solution to an excruciating love triangle he has become embroiled in, the limits of the new technology are tested and impossible questions of identity and originality threaten to tear apart the best-laid plans of paradise.

About the Author: William F. Temple (1914–1989) was a British author most famous for Four-Sided Triangle, partly due to its film adaptation. Following his service in the Second World War, Temple wrote a number of stories for Science Fiction magazines as well as a set of space opera novels and became well-respected in the Science Fiction community.

William F. Temple
British Library Publishing
Publication date
July 2018
304 pages
190 x 130 mm

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