Golden Ratio Scarf


A 100% lambswool scarf inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.

Product details

This 100% lambswool scarf is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s interests in symmetry, geometry, reflection and in particular the ‘Golden Ratio’ which is typically rounded to 1.618. Knitwear designer Olive Pearson developed the pattern to incorporate both the numerals 1.618 and the Greek letter Phi which represents this ratio. The Golden Ratio, sometimes referred to as ‘The Divine Proportion’, dictates that a straight line can be broken into two unequal lengths, where the longer length divided by the shorter length is equal to the total length divided by the longer length. This mathematical ratio was used by Leonardo to inform the composition of many of his works, including the world-renowned Last Supper, Mona Lisa and the Vitruvian Man. Each scarf is made by Olive for Craft Design House on a hand knitting machine in her Glasgow studio.About the designer: Knitwear designer Olive Pearson approaches designing knitting patterns as a mathematical challenge to be solved. It is a process of informed trial and improvement, requiring mathematical precision and a clear design. The Leonardo da Vinci Collection by Craft Design House: Craft Design House creates bespoke collections of original pieces by designer makers. This item is part of an exclusive, handcrafted and limited-edition collection to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci.Part of the Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion exhibition range.

Olive Pearson for Craft Design House

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