Great Voyages


Captain James Cook will lead you further south than any previous explorer and Neil Armstrong will take you out of this world. Face lions in Africa with David Livingstone and bears with Meriwether Lewis in the Wild West. Survive attacks from hostile tribes with Gertrude Bell then, if you’re hungry, try eating tortoise with Charles Darwin or penguin with Ernest Shackleton...

Product details

Great Voyages:

- Introduces children to history’s most thrilling expeditions through key figures of exploration, championing many strong female figures.

- Published on the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour voyage (British Library exhibition to open in the same month).

- Showcases the British Library’s stunning map collection with a colourful and engaging design perfect for children aged 8–11, accompanied by fun characters that will guide them through the book.

Deborah Patterson
British Library Publishing
Publication date
April 2018
96 pages
280 x 220 mm

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