Illuminated Manuscripts Postcard Pack


A pack of 16 postcards featuring illuminated manuscripts from the British Library collection.

Product details

This postcard pack contains 16 postcards featuring images and details from Illuminated Manuscripts in the British Library collection. Postcards include:‘Generosity in Charity’ from the Vessantara Jataka Detail from the ‘Welles Apocalypse’ A view of London with the Tower of London in the foreground from a copy of the poems of Charles, Duke of Orleans Page from a Book of Hours‘Rescue of Prince Janaka’ from the Mahajanaka Jataka Image from Petit Livre d'AmourImage of Imagination introducing the knight to the three Virtues, from Imaginacion de vraye noblesseImage of Astronomers on Mt. Athos, from Sir John Mandeville's Travels Image of the fairy Mélusine transformed into a dragon, flies away from Lusignan castle from Jean d'Arras, Roman de MélusineImage of St Anne teaching the Virgin Mary to read, from the Breviary of John the Fearless and Margaret of Bavaria Beginning of the Gospel of St Matthew, from the Harley Golden GospelsIllustration from a Thai folding book containing extracts from the TipitakaImage of the Transfiguration and the Last Supper, from The Floreffe BibleNoah's Ark, from Old English Illustrated Hexateuch City of Babylon, from the Talbot Shrewsbury Book Image of the building of the Tower of Babel, from the Bedford Hours

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