Leonardo da Vinci Trebuchet Kit


Make aworking re-creation of Leonardo da Vinci's 15th Century Trebuchet!

Product details

Bring Leonardo's Trebuchet to life with this working model!Based on his drawing from the Codex Atlanticus, Leonardo’s Trebuchet was a design likely made for the Duke of Milan in about 1482, to impress the Duke of his skills as a military engineer. While Trebuchets were common siege engines in Medieval Times, Leonardo’s take on the most powerful weapon of the time was unique – his design used one main mast, different from all others before!A great kit for beginner to intermediate model makers, this kit will throw a soft clay ball (included) well over 6 metres!Part of the Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion exhibition range.

62 cm tall; 32 cm long

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