Make a Flashlight Kit


Make a flashlight with this innovative kit!

Product details

What’s inside a lamp ? Have fun with crocodile leads, wires, bulb… and discover how circuits work.

This bestselling kit from Koa Koa has everything you need to make a flashlight out of wooden elements and electrical components, complete with instructions. It's perfect for helping kids to learn about electricity and making things in a fun way.


Put the different parts together then connect the electric components, to build your own torch lamp.


Build a mini circuits with the different components.


Discover the basics of electricity by playing with the components. The pamphlet explains how electricity works, the electrons, alternative and direct current.

Suitable for ages 8+. Koa Koa has created kits that encourage children to invent, build, and be curious.

Part of the Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion exhibition range.

Koa Koa

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