Make a Handcrank Doorbell Kit


Make a doorbell with gears using this creative kit!

Product details

Discover how gears work with this doorbell kit.

This creative kit from Koa Koa has contains everything you need to build a door bell for your room. Once assembled, turn the crank: the gears engage the hammer that kicks the bell. The brochure will show you the different types of gears, and you can decorate it to your taste when you've finished.


Use the gears, bike bell, screws, washers, nuts, etc. to build a doorbell for your room!


About the crank, the rack, the pinion, and how cogwheels work.


Turn the crank: look at the gears enter into motion, then push the hammer that hits the bell. Once it is all put together, you can paint your doorbell. There are 4 holes on the plank so you can screw it to your bedroom door.

Suitable for ages 6+. Koa Koa has created kits that encourage children to invent, build, and be curious.

Part of the Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion exhibition range.

Koa Koa

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