Natural History Postcard Pack


A pack of 16 postcards featuring natural history images from the British Library collection.

Product details

This postcard pack contains 16 postcards featuring natural history images and details from items in the British Library collection. Postcards include:

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, from Drawings of BirdsWatercolour drawings of English insects from an album belonging to Sir Hans SloaneGreater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo illustration by Edward Lear, from Illustration of the family of psittacidae or parrotsThe Giraffe, from Royal School Series of Wall PicturesUrsus Polaris from Musei Leveriani explicatio…Illustration from Animalium quadrupedum, auium, floruk, fruttum… A Booke of Beast, Birds, Flowers, etc.Cherry Blossom, from Kai [Vocabulary of Flowers] Magnolia, from Kai [Vocabulary of Flowers]Front cover of The South Polar TimesThe constellation Canis Minor, from a catalogue of starsCat and mice, from a bestiary made in EnglandRose, from Ehon noyamagusa [Picture-book of Wild Flowers] The ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ cut-out illustration from the Fables du Labyrinthe de Versailles Pair of Liontail Macaques (‘Macaca silenus’) from Buchanan-Hamilton CollectionWatercolour drawing of a ‘Tyger-Cat’ from the collection of Sir Joseph Banks ‘The Tyger’, from William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience

British Library

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