Patronus Poster


This striking poster illustrates the inspiring and heart-warming words of Albus Dumbledore; immortalised in the shape of Harry's Patronus, a stag. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is defended by a stag Patronus he believes belongs to his late father, only to later discover — thanks to Hermione's time-turner — that it was actually his own; that Harry and his father share the same Patronus. Proof, as Dumbledore says, that James Potter will always be alive in Harry’s heart.

Product details

Created by Peter Strain, this exclusive Pottermore piece shows off the artist's penchant for bold, striking imagery. Available to cherish as a poster, it's printed on high quality, silk-coated paper stock.Please note that the frame in the image is for illustrative purposes only. This poster comes unframed.

Peter Strain for Pottermore
50cm x 70cm, comes rolled in a tube.

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