Physical Training Simplified


The Whole Man Considered – Brain and BodyAn amusing yet practical Edwardian handbook of fitness exercises and techniques for those too-long devoted to the sedentary workforce.

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This handbook of physical fitness from the Edwardian age is both refreshingly practical and amusingly eccentric. Dynamic good health is the aim – not giant muscles – and much care and attention is given to the crucial abilities of relaxation, flexibility and good breathing, as well as specific instructions for the strengthening of the arms, legs, hips and shoulders. Covering such topics as ‘How to Stand’ and ‘How to Walk’, the author also address ‘Sleeping at Will’ through the process of ‘Self-Magnetizing’, before explaining more advanced exercises such as ‘Dorsal Breathing’ and ‘The Liver Squeezer’. If rugged health and fitness is your aim, then Physical Training Simplified will unlock your natural vim and vigour.

Edward B. Warman
British Library
Publication date
September 2017
80 pages
200 x 130 mm

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