Promethean Horrors: Classic Tales of Mad Science


An exploration of the origins of the ‘mad scientist’ character in fiction, with introduction and notes. Including the original stories which inspired films such as The Fly and the many versions of Frankenstein, this title features never-before-republished material from the Library’s collection.

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From the imaginations of Gothic short-story writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mary Shelley and H.P. Lovecraft came one of the most complex of villains – the mad scientist. Promethean Horrors presents some of the greatest mad scientists ever created, as each cautionary tale explores the consequences of pushing nature too far. These savants take many forms: there are malcontents who strive to create poisonous humans; technologists obsessed with genetic splicing; mesmerists interested in the way consciousness operates after death and inventors who believe in a hidden reality. United by an unhealthy obsession with wanting to reach beyond their circumstances, these mad scientists are marked by their magical capacity to alter the present, a gift that always comes at a price...About the Author: Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes is Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Film at Manchester Metropolitan University and a member of the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies. He is the editor of Horror: A Literary History (2016), The Gothic Tales of H. P. Lovecraft (2018) and The Weird Tales of William Hope Hodgson (2019), all published by the British Library.

Edited by Xavier Aldana Reyes
British Library Publishing
Publication date
September 2019
190 x 130 mm

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