QwerkyWriter Keyboard


The Qwerkywriter® Sis a USB keyboard that looks and feels like an old-fashioned typewriter. This weighty tablet, phone or computer accessory features round keys that make a satisfying clacking sound when pressed.

If someone is really committed, they can use the carriage return lever to start a new line instead of hitting the enter button.

Product details

All Metal Construction - The Qwerkywriter® S chassis is constructed entirely out of a new scratch resistant aluminum alloy for an incredible feel of quality and durability.Cast Metal Macro Programmable Return Bar - The Qwerkywriter® S’s signature all metal macro programmable Return Bar defaults to the “enter” key. But you can program it up to 15 characters to generate signatures and even copy, cut, paste commands.Integrated Tablet Stand - The Qwerkywriter® S has a built in integrated tablet stand that can accommodate comfortably up to 10.5 inch screens. It can also accommodate most 12 inch tablets as long as it’s less than 5/8 inch thick.Typewriter Inspired® Keycaps - The beautiful, typewriter inspired® 2 piece keycaps of the Qwerkywriter® S has numerous improvements, including better stability and automotive grade electroplating.Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity Up To 3 Devices - The Qwerkywriter® S can be connected to multiple wireless devices at the same time. So now you can have a mobile phone, a tablet, and a laptop all connected wirelessly to the Qwerkywriter® S.Wired USB mode with NKRO support - Made for professionals and type-warriors, the Qwerkywriter® S can perform at the highest levels without dropping letters or strokes.Dual Scroll Knob Encoders - The Qwerkywriter® S features dual function scroll knobs that control Volume on the left knob and Mouse Scroll on the right knob.German Engineered Mechanical Switches - At the heart of the new Qwerkywriter® S is the German engineered Cherry MX "clicky" switches for unrivalled industry leading tactile feedback and performance.Part of the Writing: Making Your Mark Exhibition range.

9.2 x 15.5 x 3.5 inches

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