Relax Soy Wax Candle 60ml


Be relaxed with this Lavender and Geranium soy wax candle, made with 100% essential oils.

Product details

Create a relaxing ambience in your home and transform your surroundings into a haven of calm and serenity.

Each candle has between 30 -100 drops of essential oils. All the essential oils have a very subtle effect and are not overpowering like the chemical candle fragrances. You can you use your candle in different scenarios or spaces around the room to achieve refreshing, relaxing or inspiring space.

Hand poured in London from soy wax with 100% pure essential oils. Featuring an Eco cotton wick, the candle comes in an amber glass jar with a black plastic screw lid. Approx. 15 hours burn time.

The London Refinery
Approx 60ml – Total weight 148g - Dimensions 55 x 70mm

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