Shoot at the Moon


Part of our new British Library Science Fiction Classics series, this title is a locked-room mystery set in outer space. It's the first time it's been in print for over 50 years.

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The Endeavour has made rocket ship history. With its automatic pilot and artificial gravity, anyone is qualified to fly to the moon. But the scientists who designed it did not envision the hidden dangers of lunar exploration. Nor did they foresee the kind of violence that could erupt among the five mismatched crew members in a lonely space capsule.The Endeavour’s captain, Franz Brunel of the British Space Service, has to contend with the many perils that await him on the surface of the moon. Soon a murderer is among them.This unjustly neglected novel from 1966 has not been reprinted in over fifty years. With its appearance as a British Library Science Fiction Classic, contemporary readers have the chance to enjoy Temple’s unusual blend of traditional SF with a darkly ironic tone.About the Author: William F. Temple (1914—1989) was a major writer of British science fiction in the 1950s and 60s. His best-known novel is Four-Sided Triangle, which is also available as a British Library Science Fiction Classic.

William F. Temple
British Library Publishing
Publication date
September 2018
190 x 130 mm

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