The Darkest of Nights


A classic British novel of worldwide pandemic from 1962, reissued in the successful Science Fiction Classics series.

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A vicious plague has broken out in China and spread to Japan. The world governments look on callously, until the shadow of the Hueste virus begins to sweep across the rest of the globe.

The pandemic draws nearer to Britain; shelters are hastily constructed across the country, but for whom? As the death toll rises and the populace finds themselves sacrificed for the sake of the elite, the cry for revolution rings out amidst the sirens.

Maine’s savage portrayal of society on the brink of ruin is a cruel forerunner of the more pessimistic science fiction of the 1960s. This subversive novel shows that even the heroes may succumb to brutality as the world descends into a desperate scramble for the last shred of what it means to be human: survival.

About the author: Charles Eric Maine was the pseudonym of David McIlwain (1921–1981), a prolific writer of science fiction novels in the 1950s and 1960s. His stories often feature a fast-paced thriller plot that experiments with the boundaries of new scientific technology.

Charles Eric Maine
British Library Publishing
Publication date
February 2019
190.x 130 mm

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