The Face in the Glass


A chilling collection of classic short stories by an important, but neglected, Victorian author, reissued in the successful Tales of the Weird series.

Product details

A young girl whose love for her fiancé continues even after her death; a sinister old lady with claw-like hands who cares little for the qualities of her companions provided they are young and full of life; and a haunted mirror that foretells of approaching death for those who gaze into its depths. These are just some of the haunting tales gathered in this classic collection of macabre short stories.

Reissued in the Tales of the Weird series and introduced by British Library curator Greg Buzwell, The Face in the Glass is the first selection of Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s supernatural short stories to be widely available in more than 100 years. By turns curious, sinister, haunting and terrifying, each tale explores the dark shadows that exist beyond the rational world.

About the author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1835–1915) was a prominent and prolific Victorian novelist whose major works, including Lady Audley’s Secret and Aurora Floyd, attracted a huge contemporary readership. She is increasingly regarded as one of the finest and most entertaining authors of her generation.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon
British Library Publishing
Publication date
February 2019
190 x 130 mm

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