Warfare in Medieval Manuscripts (New Edition)


The ways of war in the Middle Ages never cease to fascinate. There is a glamour associated with knights in shining armour, colourful tournaments and heroic deeds which appeals to the modern imagination.

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‘A book that will be welcomed by anyone with an interest in medieval warfare’ – Journal of Military History.

Because medieval warfare had its colourful side it is easy to overlook the fact that war was a very serious business in an age when brute force was the recognised way of settling a quarrel, and conflict formed a normal way of life at every level of society.

This book illustrates the art of war with dozens of medieval images from books and manuscripts, and reveals a wealth of social and military background on heraldry, armour, knights and chivalry, castles, sieges, and the arrival of gunpowder.

This new edition is completely revised with a selection of new illustrations from the British Library’s medieval manuscripts.

Pamela Porter
British Library Publishing
Publication date
May 2018
128 pages
190 x 150 mm

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