The audioBoom Help Centre will be able to help if you have any problems uploading your recordings to the Sounds of our Shores channel. You can also contact the Sounds of our Shores team at

Here are some additional hints and tips to help you make the best coastal recordings:

Familiarise yourself with the audioBoom app or website before going out into the field to record. Practice making and uploading recordings so that you get a feel for the process.

Try to get as close as possible to your subject but, if recording wildlife, remember not to cause any disturbance to the animals.

Monitor your recording through headphones. This will help you really focus on the sounds being recorded.

Wind noise can be a problem, especially when it comes to recording at open, coastal spots. To minimise unwanted noise, try your best to shield the microphone from the worst of the wind. If recording with a smartphone you could use a handkerchief or a sock to cover the microphone. You can buy professional windshields for handheld recorders or have a go at making one yourself out of fluffy fabric. Walls, fences and shelters also make good wind breakers.

If recording with a smartphone, tablet or handheld recorder:

Locate the microphone on your phone or tablet and make sure you point this part of the device towards the subject you want to record.

Avoid touching the microphone during your recording. Handling noise can ruin a recording so try not to let anything come into contact with this part of the phone while you are making your recording.

Remember to disable those noisy message and news notifications while recording.