How can I take part?

All you need to do is follow these simple instructions and agree to the Sounds of our Shores terms and conditions. Anybody can take part, all you need is either a smartphone, tablet computer or a handheld recorder.

1. Registering with audioBoom

  • If using a smartphone or tablet, download the audioboom app free from the iTunes App store, Google Play App store etc
  • If using a web browser, visit
  • create an account

2. Making & uploading recordings using the audioBoom app

If making a recording using the audioboom app, please be sure to include the following data and tags so that your recording can be found again easily.

The location and time of your recording are logged automatically so all you will need to do is.

  • Open your audioBoom app
  • Go to search and discover
  • Find the Sounds of our Shores channel and click into it
  • Hit the red contribute button
  • Record your audio
  • Add a title
  • Add a description
  • Add #shoresounds as the first #hashtag, followed by any other tags you would like to use to describe your recording
  • Add a photograph
  • Choose a general category (if none apply, using uncategorised is fine)
  • Click Publish

You can also use the Audioboom editing tool to tidy up the beginning and end of your recordings.

3. Uploading recordings using a web browser

If you have made recordings using a handheld recorder, simply prepare your files and upload them to the Sounds of our Shores channel.

  • Log in to your account
  • Select the Sounds of our Shores channel
  • Click on the record or upload underneath the channel banner
  • Drag and drop your audio file into the ‘drop an audio file’ box
  • Add a title of your own choice
  • Add a short description of the recording
  • Add #shoresounds as the first #hashtag (followed by others if you want to add more)
  • Specify the recording equipment you used
  • Add a photo to accompany your recording
  • Provide accurate location details so that we can pin the recording on the sound map for you
  • click Publish

All recordings uploaded to the Sounds of our Shores channel will need to be approved by the moderation team before they appear on the channel. The moderation team reserves the right to decline submissions based on poor audio quality or copyright infringement.

What to record:

We want you to record your favourite coastal sounds and describe them with simple tags and comments. Recordings can be as long as 5 minutes. Make as many recordings as you like at different locations and times.

Please let us know the reasons why you chose to record that particular sound. You can speak these reasons at the start or end of the recordings or you may prefer to add them in the ‘Comment’ space on audioBoom.

We’ve already added a range of coastal recordings from around the UK to the soundmap which will hopefully help give you some ideas on potential subjects to record. Waves and seagulls are obvious choices but don’t be afraid to be a bit more adventurous and experiment with your recordings.

Things to note:

If recording at your place of work, please check with your employer first, and be careful that you are not betraying any client confidences.

Staged or recorded musical or spoken-word performances are subject to copyright restrictions and should not be recorded.  

It is an offense to interfere with wild animals under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. If recording wildlife, please ensure that you do not disturb the animals in any way. If you are unsure, please contact your nearest wildlife authority.

Please allow at least 48 hours for your recording to appear on the soundmap.

Terms and conditions:

  • Copyright in the recording will remain with the recordist in all cases
  • Once uploaded to audioBoom, recordings will be available for unlimited listening through the Sounds of our Shores channel and embedding via the audioBoom widget into third party websites without restriction.
  • Recordings uploaded to audioBoom will also exist on the dedicated Sounds of our Shores soundmap hosted by the British Library.
  • At the end of the project, recordings will be archived at the British Library under a CC-BY-NC license.
  • The British Library, The National Trust, The National Trust for Scotland and audioBoom Ltd will be able to use recordings to publicise the Sounds of our Shores project without restriction so long as proper attribution is given to the recordist.