Ethical use of Spare Rib material

The material featured in the Spare Rib resource is primarily intended for the purposes of non-commercial private study, teaching, learning and research.

We ask that users treat the materials on this website with respect. The content made available is provided under differing terms and conditions, which are highlighted next to each contribution. A failure to use the materials appropriately and misusing them may constitute a breach of the licence terms where appropriate, a breach of law, or both.

We ask that anyone reusing digital images from Spare Rib applies the following principles:

  • Please credit the author.
  • Please respect the creators’ works, including their moral rights.
  • Please ensure you consider traditional cultural expressions and all ethical concerns in using the material, and make sure that any information relating to the creator is clear and accurate.
  • For the minority of works available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial licence please note, any adaptations made to a contribution should be marked as your adaption, and that use of the work should always be done with respect.
  • Unless asked otherwise by the creator, please preserve all notices attached to the works – this will notify other users of any copyright restrictions and encourage appropriate use of the resource.

If you wish to use material published in Spare Rib but are unclear whether your use is appropriate please either seek permission from the contributor or their representative, or obtain legal advice.

The Library respects intellectual property rights, as well as ethical, moral and traditional knowledge concerns.

This usage guide is based on goodwill. It is not a legal contract. We ask that you respect it.