E M Forster's A Room with a View: The question of view and viewpoint

Lesson rationale

E M Forster did not consider himself to be a great writer, yet his works have remained popular, in print and the subject of continued study. He wrote about people and relationships, caring greatly about honesty and integrity in both public and private interactions, themes that reverberate throughout his work. This series of activities is designed to provide students with opportunities to investigate the writer at work. By deconstructing Forster’s style and contextual influences, they will develop and improve the quality of their responses to his work.

Key questions in this lesson:

  • What values, attitudes or points of view does Forster convey to his readers?
  • How does Forster represent Lucy’s changing viewpoint over the course of the novel?
  • How do Forster’s drafts and letters alter your views of his finished novel?
  • How does Forster’s technique compare with other novelists? How is his style similar or different?