Creative writing: Ignatius Sancho, Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho

Lesson Rationale

This teaching pack will introduce students to Ignatius Sancho in his own words through a selection of his letters and invite students to offer a variety of creative responses to Sancho’s life, work and unique voice. Students will work through four themed sections; each section can also be followed as a standalone activity.

Through the reading activities, students will explore Sancho’s many private and public roles in Georgian London society; the playful inventiveness of Sancho’s voice through his ‘conversable letters’; Sancho’s view of himself as ‘an Affrican – with two ffs – if you please’; and Sancho’s contribution to the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Students may wish to read the letters aloud in groups or pairs and, where possible, look at and/or read from Sancho’s original letters on the Discovering Literature website.

The writing activities will offer students the opportunity to re-interpret the letters creatively, playing with language and form across a range of genres: biography, newspaper report, letters and poetry.