Putting Julius Caesar in context: a summary of sources

This summary of sources is a quick and easy way to explore the contexts for Julius Caesar – from early modern views on ghosts and tyrannicide to later readings of the play in light of fascist ideas.

Ideas for using this resource:

  • Use it as a handy guide to the site’s rich sources on Julius Caesar. There’s a link to each of the items, so you can explore them further through fuller descriptions, accessible analysis and vibrant visual images.
  • Divide the sources amongst your group. Each person could highlight the key facts, find relevant quotes from Julius Caesar and share their findings with others. Together you could then explore how Shakespeare reflects or challenges the ideas in these sources.
  • Select three of these ideas to weave into an essay on Julius Caesar. Raise your grade by showing your understanding of the contexts in which the play was written and received.
  • Project the images onto your screen and use them as a springboard for discussing key themes and questions raised in Julius Caesar.
  • Print out the coloured hand-out and use it as a revision guide.