Windrush Stories teaching pack (primary students): Creative writing activities

Creative writing ideas and activities that draw on the histories, people and objects featured on Windrush Stories.


In June 1948 the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks, Essex carrying hundreds of people from the Caribbean. Many aboard had been to Britain before. Some had fought in World War Two. Most were filled with excitement and hope about coming to Britain. Citizens had British citizenship and British passports because many islands within the Caribbean were part of the British Empire. The arrival of Windrush is very well known, but this was not the first nor the last ship to carry migrants from the Caribbean. Many other people came to Britain to make new lives and help rebuild the country after the war.

These creative writing activities invite you to explore the experiences of people who migrated from the Caribbean and how they have shaped Britain.

Information for teachers

  • Suitable for primary school students. We also have activities for secondary students.
  • Key curriculum areas: English, Creative Writing, History; Black History Month activities.
  • These activities are designed to stimulate shared classroom talk. When used alongside the Windrush Stories website, they aim to build a shared set of understandings and ideas about the topic of Caribbean migration to Britain that can be worked into pieces of creative writing. Children are encouraged to talk through their ideas and discuss collaboratively before writing.
  • Before beginning the activities, you could play this short film featuring members of the Caribbean Social Forum sharing their stories of journeying from the Caribbean to the UK and their experiences of settling in a new place to call home.