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Marvellous & Mischievous: Literature’s Young Rebels

This interactive display considers what makes a young rebel in stories – is it someone who resists authority and sometimes convention too, someone who stands up for their beliefs, or a child who is simply naughty? As children’s books have shown, rebels come in all shapes and sizes, from Just William to Matilda. Some oppressed children are too disadvantaged to rebel and their quest is one of survival – these resilient characters are also part of our story.

Cats on the Page

'It will leave you grinning like Alice’s invisible tree-dwelling friend'
Time Out

Exuberant and playful? Or more mysterious and threatening? Cats come to life in books, manuscripts and artwork to captivate and inspire. Renew your acquaintance with familiar favourites while meeting some new friends from around the world. As they prowl the pages, these feline characters are sure to delight all ages – and especially anyone who loves cats!

Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights

The lives of women past and present are at the core of this exhibition, which explores the successes, struggles and untold stories of the fight for women’s rights.

The exhibition draws on the diverse and unrivalled sound and manuscript collection of the British Library and will include objects that have never been on public display. It will highlight how the fight for women’s rights can take many forms: from protest to podcasts, manifestos to music.

Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land

‘Heart-breaking and powerful: Windrush stories come to life in this exhibition’

Welcomed by some as ‘Sons of Empire’; vilified by those spreading fears of a ‘black invasion.’ 70 years since the Empire Windrush carried hundreds of migrants to London, hear the Caribbean voices behind the 1940s headlines. Why did people come? What did they leave behind? And how did they shape Britain?