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On this site you will find William Caxton's two editions of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, probably printed in 1476 and 1483. The originals are both in the British Library.

Background information

In the Background section you can find information on Caxton’s life and about how he became involved with printing. You can find links to some web resources on Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales in our Links section and further reading in References. You can also view a Timeline.
Other treasures in full

The texts

The Texts section allows you to view the digital versions of the two editions, and you can also compare them side by side.

You will find this site useful if you are interested in:

The history of printing and publishing
The life of Caxton
The history of books and of reading
The history of technology
The history of types
The history of international trade
Intellectual life during the Wars of the Roses

New To Caxton?
Or want to refresh your knowledge? We have created a Basics section to get you up to speed.

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