British Library Treasure in full: Caxton's Chaucer
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  • That Caxton was a rich wool merchant based in Flanders, in present-day Belgium
  • That Caxton was first involved in publishing while in Cologne
  • That the paper (PDF format) for the Canterbury Tales was made in France
  • The first book to be printed in English was printed in Bruges, Flanders
  • That the texts of the first and the second editions of The Canterbury Tales are not quite the same
  • That Caxton's type was designed to look like lettering associated with the court of the Dukes of Burgundy
  • That some of the pages of the second edition are copies made in the 19th century
  • That both the first and the second edition (PDF format) were given to the Library - we did not buy them
  • That Caxton was close to the court of Edward IV but lost his royal connection under Richard III

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