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These web pages will give you information on Caxton’s life.

The section called Caxton’s England talks about how Caxton worked with others and how he found his readers. It also tells you something about his use of the English language.

Caxton’s texts has information about the way Caxton used the English language, about the first book which he printed in English, and about the texts of the two editions of the Canterbury Tales themselves.

Caxton’s technologies gives a brief introduction to printing - then still a relatively new invention - the way in which Caxton used woodcuts and a little about the arrangements of a printer’s workshop in the 15th century.

Caxton in the British Library has the detailed bibliographical description of the copies of the two editions which are now here in the British Library. There is a section on John Harris, a craftsman whose remarkable skills in the wrong hands could have been used for forgery. Around 1850 he ‘re-created’ a few of the original pages which were missing from the Library’s copy of the second edition. A section describes the process of digitisation and finally there is an introduction to some of the uses of the digital images.

  The fore-edge of the first edition of the Canterbury Tales
The fore-edge of the first
edition of the Canterbury Tales
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