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Funeral of Henri II. (Paris: July-August, 1559)
Described in
Le trespas, [et] ordre des obseques, funerailles [et] enterreme[n]t de feu de tresheureuse memoire le roy Henri deuxieme de ce nom .. (Paris, 1559)
  Page 001  
  Page 003  
  Section "Le trespas, obseques, funerailles, et enterrement ..."
  Page 005  
  Procession The King's embalmed heart carried from a chapel in the Celestin cloisters to the altar of the church of the Celestins by Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé.
  Page 007  
  Section "L'estat et ordre de la chambre du trespas."
  Page 010  
  Section "La salle d'honneur." Situated in the park of the Tournelles.
  Page 012  
  Section "Le lict d'honneur."
  Page 013  
  Section "L'effigie."
  Page 018  
  Section "Tente de la salle en dueil."
  Page 019  
  Section "Le corps en dueil sus les treteaux."
  Page 021  
  Section "L'ordre tenue par le roy donner l'eaue beneicte au corps du feu roy son pere."
  Page 024  
  Section "L'estat et ordre de tous les assistans qui estoyent en al salle funebre attendans la venue du roy."
  Page 028  
  Procession To Nostre Dame de Paris.
Section "L'ordre du convoy a Nostre Dame de Paris."
  Page 035  
  Section "Tente de l'eglise Nostre Dame de Paris, chapelle ardente, assiette des assistans."
  Page 039  
  Mass Celebrated by the Bishop of Paris and deacons.
  Page 042  
  Procession From Nostre Dame de Paris to Saint Denis.
  Page 043  
  Prayer Said by the Bishop of Paris and the prior of Saint Denis as the King's body is handed over.
  Page 044  
  Mass Requiem mass said at Saint Denis by the Cardinal de Lorraine (abbot of Saint Denis) and others.
  Page 047  
  Ceremony The "rois d'armes" and heralds lay their arms down on the King's coffin.
List Of the heralds and their arms.
  Page 052  
  Section Privilege.
Festival details

Funeral of Henri II.

July-August, 1559


Henri II (Henri d'Orleans) (1519-1559), King of France

Book details

Le trespas, [et] ordre des obseques, funerailles [et] enterreme[n]t de feu de tresheureuse memoire le roy Henri deuxieme de ce nom ..

Signac, Francois de, seigneur de la Borde (Author)
Estienne, Robert (1503?-1559) (Printer)

Paris, 1559


[52] pp. 4º

Watanabe No. 1622

Bound with four other works, including Estienne's edition of the two sermons preached at the funeral by Jerome de la Rovere. Ownership inscription of Jean Maurice on title-page; annotations in a contemporary hand throughout the volume.

Jean Maurice
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