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Ballet danced in Paris by Louis XIV. (Paris: 1664)
Described in
Les amours déguisez, ballet du roy. Dansé par sa majesté, au mois de feurier 1664. (Paris, 1664)
  Page 001  
  Page 003  
  Section "Les amours deguisez, ballet. Argument."
  Page 005  
  Dramatis_personnae With the names of dancers.
  Page 006  
  Section "Dialogue Pallas, Venus, Mercure."
  Page 016  
  Scene "Premiere entree." Eight Amours disguised as Forgerons come out of Vulcan's grotto.
  Page 017  
  Scene "II. entree". Marc Anthony in search of Cleopatra. The governor of Egypt dances an interlude.
  Page 021  
  Scene "III. entree." The amours disguised as oarsmen dance to celebrate their victory.
  Page 022  
  Scene "IV. entree." Venus makes appear to Mercury the gardens of Ceres, where the amours have taken on the guise of Proserpine's companions to free her from Pluto.
  Page 027  
  Scene "V. entree." Other amours, in the same garden, disguised as gardeners present Proserpine with bouquets.
  Page 028  
  Scene "VI. entree." Pluto emerges from hell to carry off Proserpine, accompanied by six amours dressed in his livery.
  Page 032  
  Scene "VII. entree." The amours disguised as shepherds try to tempt Regnaut away from battle by singing of his love for Armide.
  Page 034  
  Scene "VIII. entree." Another band of amours, disguised as Flora's nymphs, attempt the same thing but with as little success.
  Page 039  
  Scene "IX. entree." A troupe of amours flee the ruins of Armide's castle, some disguised as birds, other as statues and others as nymphs.
  Page 040  
  Scene "X. entree." The savages of Colchide dance to celebrate the beauty of a machine coming down their river.
  Page 041  
  Scene "XI. entree." The shell-shaped machine carries Isiphile, the beloved of Jason. She is accompanied by amours desguised as sea gods and sea nymphs.
  Page 044  
  Scene "XII. entree." Venus shows Mercury the city of Troy to demonstrate that it was destroyed not by Greeks but by Menelaus' passion.
  Page 047  
  Scene "XIII. entree."
  Page 048  
  Scene "XIV. et derniere entree." The amours disguised as Greeks celebrate the defeat of Troy.
Festival details

Ballet danced in Paris by Louis XIV.



Louis XIV (1638-1715) ('le Grand'), King of France
Maria Teresa (1631-1683), Infanta of Spain, m. Louis XIV, King of France

Book details

Les amours déguisez, ballet du roy. Dansé par sa majesté, au mois de feurier 1664.

Félibien, André (Author)
Ballard, Robert (Printer)

Paris, 1664


48 pp. 4º

Watanabe No. 1914

Bound with seven other works.
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