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Wedding in Florence of Ferdinando de'Medici and Christine of Lorraine. (Florence: 1589)
Described in
Della descrizione del regale apparato fatto nella nobile citta di Firenze per la venuta, e per le nozze della serenissima madama Christina di Loreno moglie del serenissimo don Ferdinando Medici terzo gran duca di Toscana. (Florence, 1589)
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  Dedication To Christine of Lorraine
  Page 005  
  Section " Della descrizione del regale apparato ... . Il secondo libro "
  Page 006  
  Triumphal_Arch At the Porta al Prato and designed by Alessandro Allori, this "arch" was actually an octagonal structure that enclosed an open-air theatre. Narrative paintings describing the military history of Florence.
  Page 010  
  Architectural plan of the arch.
  Page 011  
  Perspective view of the arch.
  Page 014  
  The founding of the city of Florence, by Giovanni Bizzelli.
  Page 016  
  Charlemagne restores Florence, by Giovanmaria Butteri.
  Page 019  
  The defeat of Radagasius, by Francesco Mati.
  Page 022  
  Charlemagne building the church of Santi Apostoli, by Pier Vieri.
  Page 025  
  Florence united with Fiesole, by Lorenzo Sciorini.
  Page 028  
  Charles of Anjou at the battle of Benevento, by Ludovico Cigoli.
  Page 030  
  The relief of the siege of 1312, by Andrea Commodi.
  Page 033  
  The defeat of Gian Galeazzo Visconti at Mantua, by Alessandro Pieroni.
  Page 038  
  Good government in Florence, by Alessandro Allori.
  Page 041  
  Certaldo and San Giovanni, by Lorenzo di Berlincione.
  Page 043  
  San Miniato and Scarperia, by Gabriello Ughi.
  Page 049  
  Triumphal_Arch Designed by Giovannantonio Dosio, this arch was placed near the Arno. Marriages of the Medici and Lorraine dynasties.
Chapter "Dell'ornamento fatto al ponte alla Carraia."
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  Architectural plan.
  Page 053  
  Perspective elevation.
  Page 056  
  Catherine de' Medici with her family, by Cosimo Gamberucci.
  Page 058  
  Wedding of Catherine de' Medici and Henri II, by Cosimo Dati.
  Page 060  
  Wedding of Lorenzo de'Medici, by Battista Naldini.
  Page 062  
  Wedding of Charles II of Lorraine and Claude de France, by Valerio Marucelli.
  Page 064  
  Christine taking leave of her family, by Giovanni Cosci.
  Page 066  
  Allegories of the Lorraine and the Moselle river, by Passignano.
  Page 068  
  Allegories of Florence and the river Arno, by Passignano.
  Page 070  
  Don Pietro de'Medici welcomes Christine aboard the Capitana in Marseilles, by Giovanni Cosci.
  Page 071  
  Statue Four statues were erected on the Ponte Santa Trinita. Octavian Augustus, Charlemagne, Cosimo I de' Medici.
  Page 072  
  Octavian Augustus, by Giovanni Bologna.
Charlemagne, by Giovanni Bologna.
  Page 076  
  Cosimo II de'Medici, by Giovanni Caccini.
  Page 078  
  Cosimo I de'Medici.
  Page 079  
  Triumphal_Arch At the Canto dei Carnesecchi, designed by Santi di Tito. Military history since the first crusade of the house of Lorraine.
Chapter "Dell'ornamento fatto al canto a' Carnesecchi."
  Page 080  
  Architectural plan.
  Page 081  
  Perspective elevation.
  Page 084  
  Godefroy, Duke of Lorraine, at Constantinople, by Santi di Tito.
  Page 086  
  The siege of Nicea, by Antonio Boschi.
  Page 088  
  Corbana, general of the Persians, defeated by Godefroy of Bouillon at Antioch, by Gregorio Pagani.
  Page 090  
  Godefroy of Bouillon leading Crusaders in battle at Jerusalem, by Santi di Tito.
  Page 092  
  Godefroy of Bouillon refuses the crown of Jerusalem, by Valerio di Danti.
  Page 094  
  Francois de Guise at the battle of Dreux, by Andrea Boscoli.
  Page 096  
  The Duke of Guise attacks Calais, by Agostino Ciampelli.
  Page 098  
  Rene of Lorraine defeats the Duke of Burgundy at Morat, by Camillo Pagni.
  Page 099  
  Church This chapter describes the facade of the cathedral, designed by Giovannantonio Dosio. History of the church in Florence.
Chapter "Dell'ornamento fatto alla facciata del duomo e dientro alla chiesa."
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  Pope Martin V, by Andrea Verrocchi.
  Page 106  
  St Ambrose consecrates the basilica of San Lorenzo, by Francesco Terzo.
  Page 108  
  Pope Clement honours the Guelphs, by Simone da Poggibonsi.
  Page 109  
  Pope Eugenius IV consecrating the cathedral, by Stefano Pieri.
  Page 111  
  San Miniato, by Battista Lorenzi.
  Page 113  
  San Zenobio, by Pietro Francavilla.
  Page 115  
  Election of Pope Stephen IX, by Passignano.
  Page 117  
  San Giovanni Gualberto, by Giovanni Caccini.
  Page 119  
  San Poggio, by Francavilla.
  Page 121  
  Council of Florence in 1439, by Giovanbattista Paggi.
  Page 123  
  San Andrea, bishop of Florence.
  Page 125  
  Sant'Antonio, by Battista Lorenzi.
  Page 126  
  Triumphal_Arch Designed by Taddeo Landini and decorated with statues and paintings. The House of Habsburg.
  Page 129  
  Charles V, by Landini.
  Page 132  
  Charles V defeats the Turks near Vienna, by Giovanni Strada.
  Page 134  
  Philip II, by Landini.
  Page 137  
  The Battle of Lepanto, by Girolamo Macchietti and Bernardino Monaldi.
  Page 138  
  Triumphal_Arch The arch at the Canto degli Antellesi, designed by Taddeo Landini. The history of the Medici.
Chapter "Delll'ornamento fatto al canto degli Antellesi."
  Page 139  
  The arch at the Canto degli Antellesi.
  Page 140  
  The arch at the Canto degli Antellesi, elevation drawing.
  Page 143  
  Pope Pius IV approves the Order of Santo Stefano, by Alessandro del Barbieri.
  Page 145  
  Cosimo I de'Medici fortities Tuscan cities, by Benedetto Velli.
  Page 147  
  Giovanni delle Bande Nere, by Valerio Cioli.
  Page 149  
  Giovanni, father of Giovanni delle Bande Nere, by Cristofano da Bracciano.
  Page 152  
  Cosimo I acclaimed as Duke, by Jacopo da Empoli.
  Page 155  
  Cosimo I enthroned, by Ludovico Buti.
  Page 157  
  Palace The facade of the Palazzo Vecchio, designed by Giovannantonio Dosio. Florence.
Chapter "Dell'ornamento fatto alla porta del Palazzo."
  Page 159  
  The facade of the Palazzo Vecchio.
  Page 162  
  Crowning of Tuscany, by Jacopo Ligozzi.
  Page 165  
  Pope Pius V crowns Cosimo I, by Bernardino Poccetti.
  Page 167  
  Emperor Maximilian I affirms the rule of Francesco I, by Michelangelo Ciampanelli.
Festival details

Wedding in Florence of Ferdinando de'Medici and Christine of Lorraine.



Ferdinando (Ferdinand) I de' Medici (1549-1609), Grand Duke of Tuscany
Christine (1565-1637), Duchess of Lorraine, m. Ferdinando I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Lorraine, Medici

Gaddi, Niccolo (Organiser)
Bardi, Giovanni de' (Organiser)
Book details

Della descrizione del regale apparato fatto nella nobile citta di Firenze per la venuta, e per le nozze della serenissima madama Christina di Loreno moglie del serenissimo don Ferdinando Medici terzo gran duca di Toscana.

Gualterotti, Raffaello (Author)
Padovani, Antonio (Printer)

Florence, 1589


176 pp. Folio 55 engravings.

Watanabe No. 1215

The book was published in two separate editions, one consisting of a first and second book and the other consisting only of "il secondo libro". The British Library copy is an example of the second edition, and is therefore not incomplete.
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