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Entry of Christian IV, King of Denmark into London. (London: 1606)
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The King of Denmarkes welcome: Containing his ariuall, abode, and entertainement, both in the Citie and other places. (London, 1606)
  Page 001  
  Title_page With rampant lion device.
  Page 003  
  Meeting James I and VI and Christian IV.
Section 'The most joyfull, royall and magnificent meeting, between our most dreade Soueraigne Iames...'
  Page 005  
  Reception By James and others at Gravesend.
  Page 008  
  Artillery Salvo from the Danish ship.
  Page 009  
  Journey The Kings are rowed in barges to Greenwich.
  Page 010  
  Hunt Participated in by the Kings in Eltham park.
Banquet The sobriety of the Danes in spite of their reputation.
  Page 011  
  Tennis Watched by the monarchs.
  Page 013  
  Banquet Another feast following church service.
  Page 014  
  Stage_machinery An artificial oak with green silk leaves.
Hunt At Greenwich and Eltham.
Pageant Songs of welcome, shower of leaves from the trees.
  Page 016  
  Song The song at Theobalds.
  Page 017  
  Hunt Stags in Waltham Forest.
Banquet Another sumptous feast.
  Page 018  
  Gift Earl of Salisbury to King of Denmark of a Barbary horse, an English horse and mare, two 'tracconers'.
Theatrical_Performance Of a play called 'Abuses' by the boys of St Pauls, a Comedy and Tragedy.
  Page 019  
  Journey By barge to the Tower of London.
Procession On horseback of the Kings with a list of the order of participants.
  Page 021  
  Artillery Salvo at their departure from the Tower.
  Page 022  
  Procession Description of the disposition of the space in the city - with railings and details of those who were seated to view the Entry, tapestries etc.
  Page 023  
  Garden On top of the Conduit, which ran with claret. With an arbour with music of the nine Muses.
Scaffold Seating the Recorder of the city and twenty four aldermen.
  Page 024  
  Triumphal_Arch Two arches with a representation of the sea between them with Tritons, sea nymphs, pyramids. Neptune. Mulciber, god of metals, mounted on a dragon with two pieces of ordinance. Rocks supported by giants with arms of England and Denmark. Concord.
Oration By the Recorder.
  Page 025  
  Pageant Britain and Neptune give speeches in Latin. Sea nymphs sang and played music.
  Page 026  
Oration By St Pauls school boys in Latin.
Pageant Shepherd and shepherdess sing a dialogue.
  Page 027  
  Church Visit to St Pauls and then the Royal Exchange and Tower.
  Page 029  
  Hunt More Bucks slaughtered.
  Page 030  
  Running_at_the_ring In the tilt-yard at Greenwich by Christian and others.
Animal_baiting Bears and bulls.
Wrestling Between Devonshire and Cornwall against Suffolk and Norfolk.
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Entry of Christian IV, King of Denmark into London.



Christian IV (1577-1648), King of Denmark
James (1566-1625), King of Scotland (as James VI) and of England (as James I)

Book details

The King of Denmarkes welcome: Containing his ariuall, abode, and entertainement, both in the Citie and other places.

Allde, Edward (Printer)
Robarts, Henry (Author)

London, 1606


[2], 28 pp. 4ยบ

Watanabe No. 2527

Author identified in Watanabe-O'Kelly bibliography. Names in contemporary hand on the title page: 'Ann Dyson'.
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