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Entry of Maria de' Medici into England. (England: 1632)
Described in
Histoire de l'entree de la reyne mere du roy tres-chrestien, dans la Grande-Bretaigne. (London, 1639)
  Page 001  
  Page 003  
  Portrait Of the Queen.
  Page 005  
  Dedication To Henrietta Maria, Queen of England.
  Page 010  
  Portrait Of the King and Queen offering symbols of their power to Marie de Medicis.
  Page 011  
  Portrait Of Charles I holding scales and a sword. Figure of virtue crowns him with laurels?
  Page 013  
  Dedication To Charles I, King of England.
  Page 019  
  Section 'Histoire de l'entree de la Reyne-Mere du Roy tres-chrestien dans la Grand-Bretaigne'.
  Page 021  
  Embassy Duke of Lennox is sent to greet the Queen Mother in Harwich.
  Page 024  
  Illustration Of the Queen disembarking in Harwich
  Page 026  
  Reception Description of the Queen's reception in Harwich and the arrival of tthe Duke of Lennox.
  Page 027  
  Audience With envoys of the King, the Duke of Lennox etc.
  Page 028  
  Journey To London.
  Page 030  
  Illustration Into Colchester.
  Page 031  
  Entry Into Colchester
Oration On behalf of the people.
  Page 034  
  Journey To Chelmsford.
  Page 035  
  Dance Countryfolk dance at the side of the road as Marie passes to the sound of violins or musettes.
  Page 037  
  Illustration Arrival of Charles at Mildemead to greet his mother-in-law.
  Page 042  
  Illustration Their departure from Gidde Hall.
  Page 046  
  Into London.
  Page 048  
  Section 'Description de la ville de Londre'.
  Page 051  
  Page 052  
  Theatre At the first gate to the City with the aldermen and Mayor.
Entry Description of their entry into London.
  Page 054  
  Procession Order of participants.
  Page 056  
  Oration Given by Criminal Judge.
Speech Text in French.
  Page 060  
  Palace St James' described, its apartments, gardens, chapels and galleries etc.
  Page 069  
  Illustration Arrrival of the royal party at St James' palace.
  Page 070  
  Illustration The chamber of presence with their majesties.
  Page 075  
  Illustration Salvos fired in welcome by ships on the river Thames.
  Page 076  
  Fireworks One of many examples in this text.
  Page 078  
  Audience With various ambassadors and other.
  Page 082  
  Illustration Chamber of Marie de Medicis.
  Page 086  
  Illustration The Lord Mayor and others come to greet the Queen Mother.
  Page 088  
  Oration By the Lord Mayor.
Speech Text in French.
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Entry of Maria de' Medici into England.



Maria (Marie) de' Medici (1573-1642), m. Henri IV, King of France

Book details

Histoire de l'entree de la reyne mere du roy tres-chrestien, dans la Grande-Bretaigne.

Puget de la Serre, Jean (Author)
Hollar, Wenceslas (Engraver)
Raworth, John (Printer)
Thomason, George (Bookseller)
Pullen, Octavian (Bookseller)

London, 1639


Dedicated to:
Henrietta Maria (Henriette-Marie) (1609-1669), Pri

[74] pp., [1] leaf of plates (folded) Folio. 13 engravings, some by Wenceslas Hollar.

Watanabe No. 2544

Library of Thomas Grenville.
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