British Library Treasures in full: Renaissance festival books
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5. Project team

The University of Warwick-British Library Festival Books digitisation project was directed by Professor Ronnie Mulryne and Dr Margaret Shewring of the University of Warwick, with input from Dr Kristian Jensen, Colin Wight, Aly Conteh, Rory McLeod, Neil Fitzgerald, Adrian Arthur and Chris Wootton of the British Library.

Almost all of the detailed scholarly work, including the selection and cataloguing of the festival books, together with the XML coding, was carried out by Dr Sarah Cusk and Dr Alexander Samson, formerly Research Fellows of the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at Warwick, with advice from language specialists.

A Steering Group of senior academic colleagues, Professor Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly, Professor Margaret M. McGowan, Mr Richard Parker, Professor R.J. Knecht and Dr Karin Friedrich, in addition to Professor Mulryne and Dr Shewring, provided guidance and liaison with Dr Jensen and his colleagues. Dr Thomas Stäcker of the Herzog August Bibliothek at Wolfenbüttel gave valuable advice on the thesaurus of search terms, and arranged for links between this site and that of the Herzog August library, which holds a rich collection of festival texts, 314 of which have been digitised.

The project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the University of Warwick, including the employment costs of the Research Fellows, the costs of photography and the costs associated with hosting the images on the British Library website. The AHRC grant was approximately £250,000.

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5. Project team