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Print Gutenberg in the British Library

The British Library has two complete copies of the Gutenberg Bible, one printed on paper and one on vellum (calf's skin). We also have an important fragment of one leaf.

Information on the paper copy (the King's copy).

Information on vellum copy (Grenville's copy).

Information on the fragment.

This website makes it possible to compare the two complete copies. Here we give some examples of what they may tell us.

The digitisation of the bibles was undertaken by HUMI institute of Keio University. Here you can see something of the process.

In cooperation with University College London we have analysed some of the colours used for decorating the Bible. A short report can be seen here.

A list of other copies of the Gutenberg Bible in the UK are included on this website.

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1. The copy on paper
2. The copy on vellum
3. The 42-line Bible 'Bagford Fragment'
4. Why compare the copies?
5. The digitisation
6. Analysis of the Illuminations Using Raman Microscopy
7. Copies elsewhere in the UK

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