The key dates

1400? Gutenberg is born in Mainz

1420s Gutenberg is in exile

1430 Gutenberg is allowed back to Mainz

1434 Gutenberg is settled in Strasbourg

1436/7 Gutenberg is accused of broken promise of marriage

1439 Gutenberg is involved in a confidential production project

1448 Gutenberg borrows a large sum of money

1450s Gutenberg prints indulgences and other small texts

1454 At least part of Gutenberg's Bible is completed

1455 Gutenberg is in dispute with his financier, and probably loses

1468 Gutenberg is dead

1476 Caxton prints the first book in England

1828 George III's books, with his copy of the Bible come to the British (Museum) Library

1846 Th. Grenville leaves his library with his copy of the Bible, to the B(M)L

2000 Keio University digitises the BL's copies of the Bible

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