British Library Treasures in full: Shakespeare in quarto
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  The Afterlife
When the theatres reopened after the Restoration of Charles II in 1660, Shakespeare’s plays quickly returned to the stage. They have been performed ever since, through many changes in acting styles, costumes, scenery, and even texts. This part of the website is to be developed in the future.


Shakespeare’s plays are cut and adapted to fit new theatres and audiences.

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Lavish productions of the plays reflect growing interest in Shakespeare’s own time.

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Late 20th

Shakespeare's plays are reinterpreted, as audiences enjoy a myriad of productions.

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18th century
Shakespeare’s original plays are explored by scholars, and begin to return to the stage.

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Early 20th

Shakespeare’s theatre is rediscovered, and his plays are interpreted for the modern world.

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Shakespeare’s future unfolds as a new millennium begins.

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