British Library Treasures in full: Shakespeare in quarto
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Print 1. Restoration
The Red Bull Playhouse, a survivor from before the Civil War, used again as a theatre. Samuel Pepys attends performances here in June and August.

Falstaff appears among the characters on the stage of the Red Bull Playhouse
Falstaff appears among the characters on the stage of the Red Bull Playhouse. Francis Kirkman, The Wits, or Sport upon Sport, 1673. British Library, C.71.h.23, frontispiece. Larger image

Sir William Davenant granted a warrant to act several of Shakespeare’s plays. Davenant is also granted a Patent for an acting company, known as the Duke’s Company. He claimed to be Shakespeare’s godson.

The Third Folio of Shakespeare’s plays published. It was printed from the First Folio of 1623.
Nahum Tate’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear first played at the Dorset Garden Theatre. Tate’s version of the play has a happy ending, in which Lear survives and Cordelia marries Edgar. It was published the same year.
The Fourth Folio of Shakespeare’s plays published. Unlike the Second and Third Folios, this is not a page-by-page reprint of the First Folio.
Colley Cibber’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III first played at the Drury Lane Theatre. Cibber took the title-role in his version, which was published the same year and remained popular into the 19th century.

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