The UK Research Reserve (UKRR) preserves the nation’s printed journal collections. Together with the On Demand service, we give quick and easy access for researchers and help libraries make cost-effective decisions.

UKRR allows libraries to de-duplicate their journal holdings and save space.

We check every issue against the national collection and libraries listed on SUNCAT. Two copies of a journal are always retained - an access copy at the British Library and one further preservation copy within the community.

Log into LARCH to submit the journal titles you want to de-duplicate. If you’re a new user, please contact us to register.

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What is UKRR?

UKRR saves space in libraries by de-duplicating print journals.

How we work

The British Library accepts offered journal issues to fill collection gaps and thereby enhance the national collection; ongoing access onsite in the Reading Rooms or remotely via British Library On Demand


For access and preservation, the scarcity process ensures a copy of every print journal offered is held at the British Library, and another within the UKRR community.


We accept academic print journals, in a robust and stable condition, suitable for continued use.

Case studies

…Using UKRR we have freed up valuable space so that we can upgrade the quality of our study areas…

Leeds University Library Joined the UKRR scheme in 2008 and the service is a key part of the stock management process. Jane Saunders explains how this is beneficial to the university.

…Being a member of UKRR has allowed us to free up physical space across the Library estate…

The University of St Andrews has been fortunate to be a member of UKRR since its inception and has found the process to be a fantastic collaborative initiative, vital in the rationalisation of the Library’s print journal holdings.

Latest News

Status update on the UKRR becoming a service, May 2019

15 May 2019

We're progressing with our transition of the UKRR from a project to a service.

UKRR as a service update

24 April 2019

Status update on the transition of UKRR from a project to a British Library service

The next chapter for the UK Research Reserve

17 April 2019

The UK Research Reserve (UKRR) has transitioned from a project to a service now run by the British Library. To mark the milestone, a celebratory conference was held in London.

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