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The British Library accepts offered journal issues to fill gaps in its own stock, thereby enhancing the national collection; providing ongoing access onsite in the Reading Rooms or remotely via British Library On Demand.

Follow this process to de-duplicate your collections:

  1. Libraries identify candidate titles proposed for de-duplication.
  2. Contact us to register with UKRR and LARCH and start the submission process. Ensure that submitted information is both complete and accurate in order to assure a seamless process.
  3. Submit the list to the British Library via LARCH.
  4. We will contact you and let you know what to do next:
    • Send requested items to the British Library as advised in the UKRR handbook (PDF format)
    • Retain rare items. You may be able to send these for retention to one of the Principal Libraries (eg. Oxford Bodleian libraries or Cambridge University Library).
    • Dispose of duplicate items. This is your responsibility, but we encourage environmentally friendly disposal or donation to charity

Any material sent to the British Library becomes a part of the national collection. The British Library will own the stock and our catalogue will record it as UKRR originating material.

You can access material held in the Research Reserve via the British Library’s On Demand service or the Reading Room.

More about UKRR

What is UKRR?

UKRR saves space in libraries by de-duplicating print journals.

How is UKRR managed?

UKRR is a service of the British Library, where the principal copy of the journal is retained and access is provided for researchers through its document supply service and reading rooms.


We accept academic print journals, in a robust and stable condition, suitable for continued use.


These resources will help you use UKRR

Case studies

…Using UKRR we have freed up valuable space so that we can upgrade the quality of our study areas…

Leeds University Library Joined the UKRR scheme in 2008 and the service is a key part of the stock management process. Jane Saunders explains how this is beneficial to the university.

…Being a member of UKRR has allowed us to free up physical space across the Library estate…

The University of St Andrews has been fortunate to be a member of UKRR since its inception and has found the process to be a fantastic collaborative initiative, vital in the rationalisation of the Library’s print journal holdings.

Latest News

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26 May 2020

To keep our users and all our staff safe and healthy we’ve taken the decision to close our physical sites in London and Boston Spa for the time being, and suspend our public events.

UKRR: A collaborative collection management success story

16 March 2020

UKSG Journal Article summarising the achievements of the UK Research Reserve

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19 March 2020

We're carefully planning a return to our public spaces that keeps everyone safe, and we're always open online.

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