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We accept academic print journals, in a robust and stable condition, suitable for continued use.

UKRR cannot accept the submission of contaminated material. Any material submitted should be in a condition suitable for continued use. However, a copy which has suffered wear and tear is better than no copy at all. If you are unsure about the condition of your material, please refer to the UKRR Handbook or contact us.

The British Library will ensure all materials meet our collection management policies. A ‘due diligence’ process will be undertaken to ensure all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that any item being purchased, borrowed, received or exchanged (whether on long-term deposit or short-term exhibition loan) constitutes a legitimate acquisition.

The UKRR service does not accept:

  • Abstracts
  • Directories
  • Indexes
  • Leisure Journals
  • Monographs*
  • Newspapers (due to their specialist preservation needs)
  • Teaching materials

*Investigations are ongoing regarding the potential for extending UKRR into low use monographs. For more information see the reports below:

What is UKRR?

UKRR saves space in libraries by de-duplicating print journals.

How we work

The British Library accepts offered journal issues to fill gaps in its own stock, thereby enhancing the national collection; providing ongoing access onsite in the Reading Rooms or remotely via British Library On Demand.


Linked Automated Register of Collaborative Holdings. The system was introduced in UKRR Phase 2 and was designed based on the requirements agreed between the UKRR, the British Library and UKRR member libraries.


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Latest News

Coronavirus notice

26 May 2020

To keep our users and all our staff safe and healthy we’ve taken the decision to close our physical sites in London and Boston Spa for the time being, and suspend our public events.

UKRR: A collaborative collection management success story

16 March 2020

UKSG Journal Article summarising the achievements of the UK Research Reserve

Accessing British Library online content and services

19 March 2020

We're carefully planning a return to our public spaces that keeps everyone safe, and we're always open online.

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Case studies

…Using UKRR we have freed up valuable space so that we can upgrade the quality of our study areas…

Leeds University Library Joined the UKRR scheme in 2008 and the service is a key part of the stock management process. Jane Saunders explains how this is beneficial to the university.

…Being a member of UKRR has allowed us to free up physical space across the Library estate…

The University of St Andrews has been fortunate to be a member of UKRR since its inception and has found the process to be a fantastic collaborative initiative, vital in the rationalisation of the Library’s print journal holdings.