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Unlocking Audio conferences

The Unlocking Audio conferences held in 2007 and 2009 explored the management and exploitation of digitised sound.

Unlocking Audio 1: Sharing Experience of Mass Digitisation

Unlocking Audio 1: Sharing Experience of Mass Digitisation was an international conference exploring the planning and strategies required for the successful execution of large-scale audio digitisation projects, and the technical and practical issues involved. Aimed at actual practitioners, sharing best practice and looking at emerging standards. 

The event was held at the British Library in London on Friday 26th and the morning of Saturday 27th October 2007 (the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage).

Read the full conference programme and listen to selected papers from the 2007 Unlocking Audio conference.

Unlocking Audio 2: Connecting with Listeners

The Unlocking Audio 2: Connecting with Listeners conference, held in March 2009 at the British Library, explored the use of sounds online and ways that researchers and other audiences expect to discover, browse, audition and analyse archival audio resources.

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About Unlocking Audio 2

How should knowledge organizations, application developers and researchers work together to unlock audio assets while remaining within regulatory frameworks?

The conference celebrated the end of the second Archival Sound Recordings project, which has answered this question successfully. But that Project was only a beginning: future projects of this kind will demand a greater degree of shared aspiration and commitment.

Reviewing existing and emerging practices and technologies, the conference was addressed to all users and suppliers of digital content, whether sounds, moving and still images, and texts, including:

  • content owners
  • academics
  • service providers
  • user groups
  • resource managers
  • system integrators
  • designers and implementers of data mining, search & content analysis tools

Read the full conference programme and watch selected speeches from the 2009 Unlocking Audio conference.

The Archival Sound Recordings project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC).

The British Library gratefully acknowledges the JISC for support for the conference.