Listen to artists speak about their lives and work, their friendships, networks and rivalries, in a selection of 98 audio extracts. The clips are from Artists’ Lives, an oral history project making life story recordings with artists, curators, art writers and others who work in the field of visual art.

The sound clips are set in context within Voices of art, a series of essays by writers immersed in the art world of the 20th and 21st centuries.


<i>Instant Loveland</i> by Jules Olitski (1968), <i>Yellow Swing</i> by Anthony Caro (1965), <i>Hyena Stomp</i> by Frank Stella (1962), and <i>Riverfall</i> by Richard Smith (1969) in the exhibition <i>Artists' Lives: Speaking of the Kasmin Gallery</i>, Tate Britain, December 2016 - April 2018. Photograph Joe Humphrys. Courtesy Tate.

Discovering the American painter Jules Olitski at the Kasmin Gallery in London

Ian Dunlop looks back to writing his first column of art criticism for The Times, in 1964.

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Contact sheet with photographs from the opening party for the first exhibition at Kasmin Gallery. Figures include Richard Smith (top right), Sir John Rothenstein (bottom left), Kasmin and Bruce Chatwin (bottom right).

Selling art and the art of selling

Cathy Courtney learns about the art market from Artists’ Lives recordings.

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Kasmin, David Hockney and Sheridan Dufferin on a plane.

David Hockney at the Kasmin Gallery

Chris Stephens describes some of the early steps in David Hockney’s career.

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Anthony Caro's <i>Twenty Four Hours</i> (1960) and reverse of photograph, showing exhibition history and ownership by Clement Greenberg.

Coaching from the side lines: Sheila Girling and Anthony Caro

Hester Westley interrogates the choices painter Sheila Girling made in relation to her career when her sons were young, and suggests her crucial role in the work of her husband, the sculptor Anthony Caro.

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John Latham, photographed by Clive Phillpot at the opening of the exhibition <i>Live in Your Head</i> at the Whitechapel Gallery on 3 February 2000.

John Latham and the Kasmin Gallery

Gareth Bell-Jones explores the career of artist John Latham.

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Art and money

Buying, selling, collecting and exhibiting: explore the world of art and money.

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Anthony Caro's Whitechapel Gallery exhibition, curated by Bryan Robertson, 1963.


Changing ideas about art curation and gallery design.

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Sir Eduardo Paolozzi with his sculpture of Newton at the British Library, photographed by Chris Lee.


Hear from a gallery owner and from artists how new materials used in the 1960s made it difficult for sculptors to find exhibiting spaces.

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British sculptor Anthony Caro and American painter Helen Frankenthaler in Frankenthaler’s studio.

The artist's studio

Experience the artist's studio by listening to stories from behind the scenes.

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