Kasmin at work in his gallery during an exhibition of Kenneth Noland paintings. Courtesy Collection Kasmin.

Art and money

Buying, selling, collecting and exhibiting: explore the world of art and money.

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Anthony Caro's Whitechapel Gallery exhibition, curated by Bryan Robertson, 1963.


Changing ideas about art curation and gallery design.

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Drawing from life. Royal Academy, Somerset house. Image taken from <i>The Microcosm of London</i>. Originally published/produced in R. Ackermann: London, 1808 - 1811.


How do you learn to draw? Discover a multitude of varied responses to the life drawing room at art school.

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Richard Smith. Courtesy Collection Smith family.

Pop Art

The impact of advertising and pop culture on British artists in the 1960s.

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Sir Eduardo Paolozzi with his sculpture of Newton at the British Library, photographed by Chris Lee.


Hear from a gallery owner and from artists how new materials used in the 1960s made it difficult for sculptors to find exhibiting spaces.

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British sculptor Anthony Caro and American painter Helen Frankenthaler in Frankenthaler’s studio.

The artist's studio

Experience the artist's studio by listening to stories from behind the scenes.

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