Aaron Klug: 'anti-science' Royal Mail stamps

Aaron Klug explains why he wrote a letter of complaint to Tony Blair about the set of Royal Mail stamps issued in 2003 entitled ' The Secret of Life: DNA and the Genome'.

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So it’s a travesty. Have you seen these stamps they issued on the 25th of February? They’re meant to be funny but they’re all anti-science. It shows – one of the stamp shows people with heads, animal heads on human bodies and things of that sort, that’s supposed to be – and it’s called genetic engineering. So I wrote to the head of the Royal Mail, protesting, and sent a copy to the Prime Minister and reminded the Prime Minister that he’d given a talk at the Royal Society about the importance of science. And these things are undoubtedly anti-science, because the scientists who are involved in these pictures are represented as rather ugly, with a moustache, rather ham-fisted, it’s just grotesque actually. And these are rather stupid, stumbly sort of people. And in one of them they have this scientist sitting down in a chair and now he’s become a consultant because he’s got his doctor’s bag called consultant next to his chair. And he’s looking – on his lap he has a crystal ball labelled DNA, he’s looking into a crystal ball. But the giveaway is he has a blanket over his knees and the blanket is covered with astrological symbols.
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  • Date of interview 3/25/2003
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