Andrew Gilchrist

Andrew Gilchrist (1929-), meteorologist, joined the Meteorological Office after National Service in 1951 and remained there until he retired from the post of Director of Research. After a range of roles in weather forecasting, including secondment to the Nigerian Meteorological Office in the run up to independence, he joined the newly established Dynamical Climatology Branch in 1963. Here, distinct fromlongstanding work in another Branch on numerical weather forecasting, he worked on the first numerical/computer models of the global atmosphere, the precursors of what are now called GCMs (General Circulation Models or Global Climate Models), used in predictions of climate change. After his retirement in 1989 he served as an advisor on climate change to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee and pursued an interest in natural history.

  • Birth name Andrew Gilchrist
  • Born 1929 Ayrshire, UK
  • Occupation Meteorologist
  • Disciplines Meteorology
  • Education University of Glasgow

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